Review Kaweco Perkeo Black and Pink

€14.50 bought at La Couronne du Comte.

Kaweko Perkeo Pink Black Fountain Pen Review

First Impressions

The Kaweco Perkeo is made of light, cheap-feeling plastic, which is somewhat disappointing. This is balanced out by the cool black nib and the impressive writing experience.


The body of the Perkeo is made of simple moulded black plastic, sadly of an inferior quality to the Kaweco Sport line. The body is a multifaceted (no, I didn’t count them!) cylinder tapering slightly toward the end. The end is finished with a circular groove and the word Germany.

The grip section features a watermelon-pink band, followed by a black grip, and another pink band stepping down to the nib. The grip has three recessed faces to guide the grip, in the style of the Lamy Safari or the Pelikan Twist, but not nearly so aggressive.

I do have a constant, irritating issue of the body coming unscrewed from the grip over the course of the day.


The cap of the Perkeo is an eight-faceted cylinder in watermelon pink. The Kaweco logo and the word Germany are printed on one of the faces. The finial of the cap has the signature metal Kaweco seal. It clicks firmly onto the body and can normally be removed with one hand, except when the body has worked its way loose.


The Kaweco Perkeo has no clip, but thanks to the octagonal cap, it also doesn’t have an issue with rolling away.


The nib is a gorgeous, black steel Kaweco nib. It features the Kaweco seal, a circular breather hole, and some swirly bits next to the slit. I originally ordered the Perkeo with an EF nib, but Couronne du Comte ultimately wasn’t able to ship me that pen, and I opted for the F nib instead.


Ink Containment Unit

The Perkeo is a cartridge/converter pen. Either can be popped into the clear plastic holder with ease. I used the Mini Kaweco converter in it without issue (aside from the fact that it doesn’t hold much ink).

Writing Experience

Despite the cheap feel, this is a nice pen to write with. It has a smooth taper from the body to the grip, making it very comfortable to hold. The nib and feed operate excellently and deliver smooth, thin lines. It writes under its own weight and doesn’t cause problems with starting after not being used. Because of its larger size, I prefer the Perkeo to the Kaweco Sport.

Kaweko Perkeo Pink Black Fountain Pen Review Handwriting Sample

Lasting Impressions

The Kaweco Perkeo isn’t the most impressive looking fountain pen – it’s made of cheap plastic and the colour combinations are less than pleasing. Surprisingly, it’s a reliable and comfortable pen to write with and I find myself regularly reaching for it. I’m not convinced the construction will prove to be as durable as some of the other pens in the same price category, however. What I’d really love is exactly this pen, but in a better quality material.


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