Review: Lamy Safari Petrol Medium Nib (Limited Edition) and Petrol Ink

Fountain Pen Review Lamy Safari Petrol

This pen was given to me by PenWorld for winning an online raffle. The retail value of Lamy Safari Petrol is €19.90.

First Impressions

I reviewed the Lamy Safari in pink with a fine nib some months ago. While the general shape and style of the pen remain the same, there are some striking differences with this Limited Edition version.


While the body of my pink Safari was shiny, the petrol Safari is made of a matte, slightly textured plastic. It nearly appears to sparkle. It is the same plastic that features in the O-ring like black plastic between the body and grip in my pink Safari. The colour I can best describe as a deep, dark turquoise. In some light, it appears blue, in other light, green.



The cap, too, is made of the petrol-coloured matte plastic. Like the regular Safari, it clicks into place easily and can be popped open with one hand.



Unlike my pink Safari, the petrol Safari has a black metal clip and it is beau-ti-ful! The shiny metal is a wonderful contrast to the matte plastic of the body and cap.


I’m a sucker for black nibs. It makes the pen seem so bad-ass! The nib is otherwise the standard, functional, German-efficiency Lamy nib. The engraved LAMY and M for medium get through the black coating and show up shimmery silver. The black is also worn away a bit at the tip of the nib, revealing the silver core.


Ink Containment Unit

The Safari takes Lamy cartridges or the Lamy converter. Mine came with a pack of Lamy Petrol cartridges which I have been using. It looks fantastic through the ink window.


Lamy Petrol Ink

It’s a pity that the Lamy Petrol ink is a limited edition. It is dark enough to be used in a professional setting and could probably squeak its way into a “blue or black ink only” situation (if you dare!). Yet, it has a sneaky hint of forest green under close inspection.

Writing Experience

I’ve not previously experienced the Lamy Safari medium nib, and I found that I rather enjoy it. I’m normally partial to a finer nib but the medium nib of the Safari was not at all unusable. It’s not a particularly wet nib, which helps keep it manageable for me. On the other hand, I also don’t find it as annoyingly dry as the fine nib on my pink Safari. It hits a very nice balance.

Lasting Impressions

I am a huge fan of this pen. Because of its sedate colour, I feel less like a girly-girl taking it to work (not that that’s stopped me using the pink one at work). The writing experience is excellent and I’m grateful to PenWorld for the opportunity to give the Safari a second chance.


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