# WriteWellWednesday Ensure/Insure/Assure

Beautiful penmanship and poetic writing can be ruined by jarring grammatical errors. For today’s #WriteWellWednesday we will look at the difference between ensure, insure, and assure. They all essentially sound the same and their meanings are related, to be sure, but there are some important distinctions.

Ensure means to make sure that something will occur, be provided, or happen in a particular way.

To ensure that your pens are safe, keep them in a good case.

Insure means to protect against or compensate for a possible bad event. This is nearly always used in the context of an insurance plan.

Depending on the value of the pen, you might want to insure it against damage or theft.

Assure means to remove any doubts about something, or that something is certain to happen.

I can assure you that you’ll sleep better knowing that your pens are safe.

Ensure that you use the correct word, and you are assured of not being laughed at.


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