Eyedropper fix for the Kaweco Sport

Kaweco Skyline Sport EF fountain pen

Since I reviewed my Kaweco Skyline Sport when it was fairly new, I’ve run into a problem with it. It leaks out the nib. The extra-fine lines were also getting somewhat sloppy.

In search of a fix, I stumbled across this video from Goulet Pens, explaining how to repair a leaking eyedropper Kaweco Sport. From this video, I discovered that the nib of my Kaweko was not clicked in fully. Leak fixed. But I also learned that you can eyedropper the Kaweko Sport, rather than using the dinky little converter.

Another video from Goulet Pens explains how to do the eyedropper conversion. Essentially, you apply silicone grease to the threads of the grip section of the Kaweco, use a syringe or eye dropper to fill the body with ink, and screw the grip back on. Voila.

In searching for an appropriate vacuum grease, I found this great thread on the Fountain Pen Network with advice from Brian Gray of Edison Pen Co. (I can trust a guy on the internet who makes insanely popular custom pens.) He identifies Dow Corning High-Pressure Grease, which I happen to have sitting around at work in large quantities.

I washed out my Kaweco, accidentally got some vacuum grease on my finger, greased up the threads, and filled my Kaweko up with Aurora Black, and closed it.

So far, it’s behaved marvellously. I haven’t had any ink leaking, either from the nib or from the gap between the body and the section. This one little trick has resurrected the Kaweco Sport in my mind.


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